NectuFresh: Mouth Spray with Eucalyptus Flavor


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Mouth Freshener with Eucalyptus


What is it indicated for?

Mouth Freshener spray with eucalyptus flavor Is certainly an upscale option for freshening up after a snack break, smoke break, or coffee break. When presentation is everything,​​ NectuFresh​​ mouth spray allows for a more discrete solution for maintaining breath freshness while at work or on the go.

What is the secret recipe?

Deionized water, Monopropylene glycol, Glycerin, PEG 40, Potassium sorbate, Sodium saccharin, Aroma


How to use?

Spray directly into the mouth for a fresh breath. Recommended after a snack break, smoke break, or coffee break.


Before usage!

• There are no undesirable side effects.



Store at room temperature


About the product

30 ml bottle (with spary pump)

One bottle per box.


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