Junior Grow Past


10 gm/sachet

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12 sachets / box

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Information bulletin

necturell intracare secret for
Mother & Child Care​​ Collection
"Junior Grow"​​ paste
Support Healthy Growth


What is it indicated for?

Healthy​​ growth​​ for​​ children (2​​ - 6 years)

Enhances appetite. Augments healthy bone development. Provides necessary minerals, vitamins & proteins. Strengthen immune system.


What is the secret recipe?



How to use?

It is recommended to take the contents of one sachet (after rubbing to mix contents), twice daily, half an hour before meals.​​ It can be taken unmixed or added to milk or juice

Before usage!

  • The following information should be read before using this product:

  • Do not use this product on a​​ child​​ who is sensitive to any of the​​ product's​​ ingredients.

  • Make sure this product is suitable for your​​ child​​ to use – ask your doctor.

  • Do not use​​ for​​ Infants​​ under one​​ year age,​​ unless​​ per your​​ doctor's advice.

  • Do not use this product in case of​​ kidney problems; In this case,​​ consult your doctor.

  • Important Note:​​ This product is NOT an alternative to medication/s prescribed by your doctor, nevertheless, it is of adjunctive benefits.

  • Helps overcome anemia



Store in Room Temperature Range


About the product

10 gm/sachet

12 sachets / box


Our range of products under the brand “necturell intracare” are useful in many areas related to the health of the internal organs, as they work to protect and improve the functions of the internal organs of your body.


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