MoveMore Tea


2 grams/Tea Bag

QTY. in Box

12 Tea Bags

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Information bulletin

necturell intracare secret for
Physio Care​​ Collection
"Move​​ More"​​ tea
Relief of Muscle & Joint Pain


What is it indicated for?

Relief muscle and joint pain & inflammation.


What is the secret recipe?

Nettle,​​ Laurel​​ Leaf,​​ Olive​​ Leaf,​​ Yarrow​​ Flower, French​​ Lavender,​​ Juniper​​ Berry,​​ Cinnabar,​​ Thyme,​​ Rosemary,​​ Cherry​​ Stalk,​​ Lavender,​​ Corydalis scouleri​​ (fumeroot),​​ Scale​​ Fern,​​ Peganum Harmala.


How to use?

One tea​​ bag is placed in a cup of boiling water: leave for 3 – 4 minutes​​ and flavor by lemon & honey as desired. Enjoy​​ It​​ three​​ times a day.


Before usage!

  • If diabetic, don't add honey.

  • Undesirable effects

    • None

  • Important Note:​​ This product is NOT an alternative to medication/s prescribed by your doctor, nevertheless, it is of adjunctive benefits.


Other Benefits​​ 

  • Improves​​ joint mobility & removes​​ calcification.



Store in Room Temperature Range


About the product

2 grams/tea bag

The box contains 12 tea bags.


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