Face Soother Oil


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necturell secret for
Face Care Collection
"Face Soother" Oil

For the treatment of skin inflammation and eczema



What is it indicated for?

Skin soothing and anti-inflammatory against inflammatory dermatitis and eczema.


What is the secret recipe?

Rose oil


How to use?

Put a drop or two of the Oil in the palm of your hand after showering, then massage the inflamed area of ​​your body in slow, circular motions.


Before usage!

  • The product is not used in places suffering from acne,​​ "AcneHeal"​​ cream can be used instead of this product.

  • ​​ There are no undesirable side effects.

Other benefits​​ 

  • Skin tonic & cleanser

  • Moisturizer for dry skin & scalp.



Store in a cool dry place


About the product

30 ml bottle (with dropper).

One bottle per box.


Necturell offers natural care products that protect body’s wellbeing not just externally but also internally.


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