Heartery Seeds Powder

Heart & Artery Protection


10 gm/sachet

QTY. in Box

12 sachets / box

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Cardioprotective & antihypertensive.

Grinded Flax Seed.

It is recommended to take the contents of one sachet after mixing it with yogurt, juice or honey. Repeat twice daily, before meals.

Protection against cancer.
Augments the immune system

Don’t use if:
You’re on blood thinner (anticoagulant) medication
You’re on hormonal therapy
If diabetic, don’t add honey.
Undesirable effects
Important Note: This product is NOT an alternative to medication/s prescribed by your doctor, nevertheless, it is of adjunctive benefits.

Store in Room Temperature Range

10 gm/sachet
12 sachets / box
Our range of products under the brand “necturell intracare” are useful in many areas related to the health of the internal organs, as they work to protect and improve the functions of the internal organs of your body.